Itís Time For Millionaire Farmers & Hoop Houses To Pay Fair Share Of Taxes & Stop Mooching Off Blyth #NotARubberBootTownAnyMore #Knott4Reeve2018

Source: Blyth Free Press
Date: Mon Mar 12 07:09:47 MST 2018

For decades Reeve Neil Vincent has set the farmland tax rate and his inner circle of mega-millionaire farmer friends have been paying next to nothing compared to Blyth residents and businesses. Every year farm values soar 10+% mostly based on the near zero taxes they pay. Blyth businesses have to pay 3.5% property tax rate while farmers pay virtually zero. Agri-businesses attempt to use loopholes to run greenhouse operations generating $1,000,000/acre and pay absolutely no taxes for the commercial buildings generating this revenue.

The next Reeve of North Huron should make these mega millionaire farmers pay the same rate as every other business. A 100 acre farm assessed at $2,000,000 would then pay $70,000/year, a fair share for the amount of roads and services they use up. Not to mention the clean up Blyth businesses have to do after these farmers that refuse to stomp all the manure off their rubber boots before they come to town to complain about the price of everything in our beautiful village


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