No Show, Slow OPP Response Times In East-Wawanosh & 2nd Tier Policing Trigger Calls For Wingham Police Expansion #East-WawanoshLivesMatter #Knott4Reeve2018

Source: Blyth Free Press
Date: Tue Mar 13 06:14:13 MST 2018

At the March 5, 2018 North Huron Council meeting all literate members of council voted (6-1) to keep our hard working, underpaid Wingham police in place. Councillor Trevor Seip is the only one that voted against keeping the Wingham Police, it is no wonder Mr. Seip is the subject of a code-of-conduct complaint.

The brave officers of the Wingham Police Department put their lives on the line every day and have virtually eliminated crime in Wingham, they all deserve to be on the Sunshine List. In reality the Wingham police cost nothing as all that money stays in the community. The OPP take our money and live in the "City", not a penny is put back/spent into North Huron, that is the real crime.

OPP officers are moved around on a monthly basis and our officers could end up stuck in Saskatoon! This is why the OPP canít/wonít do community policing and why EVERY municipality that has switched to the OPP regrets it! On the other hand municipal police forces have a 85+% approval rating, mainly due to the extremely fine work the Police Board does. The OPP only have a 17% approval rating.

Every single municipality that has switched to the OPP have seen their prices double or triple from OPP estimates after the 3 year transition period is over. North Huron needs the power to do collective bargaining with its police service to keep costs low and quality of service at the very high level it is currently at.

Please call North Huron Councillor Bill Knott to register your vote for the Wingham police to expand to Blyth and/or E-W so we can upgrade from 2nd tier, drive-by OPP policing. Our children and property are worth protecting at any cost. Remember, you get what you pay for.

North Huron Councillor Bill Knott's Contact Information: Phone: 519-523-4534


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