Blyth Taxes To Soar - Vodden Shames Town Staff & Demands Removal Of All Rubber Boot Scrubbers From Queen Street #Knott4Reeve2018

Source: Blyth Free Press
Date: Tue Mar 20 08:13:07 MST 2018

North Huron Councillor Brock Vodden is demanding that all snowbanks be removed from Queen Street every morning which would cause our taxes to soar. Some people actually own their own home and have to pay property taxes, Mr. Vodden’s second floor rent-controlled apartment literally allows him to look down on those he is clearly above.

Our excellent town staff are already overworked and underpaid now they have Councillor Vodden trying to micromanage every tiny detail. Next he will want to put them all in uniforms and sing a “Walmart-like Chant” at the start of every shift or when in the presence of a Councillor.

These snow banks beside our sidewalks are left there on purpose and are intended for farmers to snow-scrub the manure off their rubber boots before they enter any business. Too bad so few choose to use them. It may be alright for them to put their manure caked boots up on their coffee tables at home, but we don’t want to smell or see that when we are shopping or dining in our beautiful village of Blyth.

Click here to see Brock Vodden shaming Town Staff about the quality of their work in Blyth.


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