Police Board Furious & "Dumbfounded" Council Turned Down OPP For Wingham, Disrespected Advice Of Police Chief & Wingham Officers - Seip To Plead For Revote On OPP Costing To Save Wingham

Source: WFP
Date: Fri May 11 08:47:01 MST 2018

Tempers flared at the 10May2018 North Huron Police Services Board meeting as members expressed opinions about how Blyth and East-Wawanosh councillors turned down the OPP to police Wingham. The OPP charge $355/property and in 2019 the Wingham police will likely cost $1200 - $1500/property since the Wingham Police will be hiring 5 more officers for 2019 at a cost of about $135,000/year/officer. If things aren’t stopped, there will be at least 12 officers for the one square mile of Wingham.

The Police Board also considered issuing more tickets at the 10May2018 meeting as a way to increase revenue. Now you might be thinking that there is no way someone that morally corrupt could not make it on the Police Board to make such a suggestion, you would be wrong. NOTE: Kathy Adams was the organizer of the August Atrocities, made the false call to police and organized false police statements to stop a question about Wingham Policing. Her “punishment” was a seat on the Police Board.

Overtime will soar for the Wingham Police in 2019. Two officers will be on duty at all times and both officers will be getting overtime each time someone they swatted or oppressed stands up for their Rights and fights the ticket/charges in Goderich court. It’s bonus money for being a bully. Just ask Hall of Shamer “officer” Kevin MacPurjury. Being corrupt has never been so easy or profitable.

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NOTICE: Special Meeting of the North Huron Police Services Board - July 3, 2018

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