New Vote On Wingham Policing - Public Must Attend 22May2018 Meeting - Help Liberate The Occupied Square Mile

Source: WFP
Date: Sat May 12 05:54:06 MST 2018

Just when you thought all hope for Winghamís future had been lost, Police Board Chair Trevor Seip speaks out to defend our front line officers. Seip will be pushing for a new vote on Wingham policing at the next council meeting (22May2018) and he needs your support. The importance of showing your support 22May2018 canít be understated as Winghamís future depends on it. If you donít show up your taxes will soar and we will have 12 officers for the square mile of Wingham in 2019.

Once there are 12-13 officers in 2019 the next step is expansion to the rest of North Huron. If you live in E-W or Blyth and think a police service that cost 3X more than the OPP canít be forced upon you, you really havenít been paying attention. All residents in E-W and Blyth must show up to support Trevor Seip 22May as he is the only one currently defending our front line officers and Wingham Taxpayers.

Taxation without representation is tyranny. If Blyth and East-Wawanosh councillors continue to force the Wingham police on the Occupied Square Mile they will have confirmed their tyrant status beyond any doubt. Tyrants must be dealt with by any means necessary.

North Huron Council Contact Info:

North Huron Town Hall: 519-357-3550

Neil Vincent: 519-357-2336
Address: 38860 Belfast Rd
Business Interests:

Yolanda Ritsema-Teeninga: 519-357-5877
Address: 63 Albert St. E
LinkedIn: Yolanda Ritsema-Teeninga
Business Interests:

Bill Knott: (519) 441-1546
Address: Pending
Business Interests:

James Campbell: 519-523-9264
Address: Pending
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Brock Vodden: 519-523-9393
Address: Pending
Business Interests:

Ray Hallahan: 519-523-4798
Address: Pending
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Trevor Seip: 519-357-7759
Address: Pending
Business Interests:

Blyth Bill

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