Wingham Police Officer Lawyers Up After Whitechurch Shooting - Body Cameras To Show What Really Happened - Disbanding 07Feb2019

Source: WFP
Date: Fri Sep 21 07:25:05 MST 2018

At the 18Sept2018 North Huron Police board meeting, current police chief tim poole stated that one of the two officers involved in the Whitechurch shooting has lawyered up, or is seeking a lawyer. The other officer apparently has nothing to hide and offered a statement. Like corrupt low-life police officers will say to you, ďif you have nothing to hide, you donít need a lawyer do you?Ē

Click here to skip ahead in the meeting to 10 mins 19 secs to see tim poole speak regarding how is officers handled being questioned.

It should be noted that the Wingham police have a policy where they are supposed have their body cameras going while interacting with the Public. If they donít it apparently is neglect of duty, just ask the chief about that.

Knowing how the Wingham police operate, there is a very good chance the body camera footage wonít be available for some lame reason (forgot to turn it on, accidentally deleted it, etc).

Blyth Bill

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