Officer Appreciated Following Diving Accident

Source: Area OPP
Date: Fri Dec 21 03:33:27 MST 2018

Provincial Constable Laurie Houghton

The following is a message from an appreciative member of the public that wished to share a story of one of our valued members, Laurie Houghton. Laurie is currently working with Grey County Ontario Provincial Police (OPP) Crime Unit.

"I would like to try and put into words, exactly how much Laurie did for us on September 22, 2016. I can truly say, that without her support and compassion, I'm not sure I could have made it through that awful day. I realize she had a job to do that day, (i.e. investigating an accident.) but at no time, did she ever let that get in the way of trying to help me through it all. So many things were going through my head and she was there virtually every minute trying to help me with whatever I needed. She took the time to explain to me, that such a traumatic event will resurface in your life at some point and you'll need help dealing with it. I remembered that and when it did resurface, I took her advice and sought help. She saved me again. We kept in contact, through-out Denise's four month hospital stay and she was one of the first people I sent the video to, of Denise walking out of the hospital under her own power after such a devastating accident. I feel very strongly about this; a lot of people worked very hard to save Denise's life that day, Laurie saved mine. The Ontario Provincial Police should be very proud to call her their own. I will never be able to put all my feelings for what she did that day into words, but I hope this gives you an idea of how much she means to both Denise and I, especially me. Thank you for your time."

David Phelps

In September 2016, Denise and David Phelps were diving at a shipwreck in Georgian Bay. After 30 minutes underwater, she signaled that she wanted to ascend. Then about 10 metres from the surface, her husband says she started to panic and made an emergency ascend. She was found unconscious on the surface and transported to the decompression chamber in Tobermory. Through the efforts of many Denise is alive today.

In September 2018 PC Houghton had the privilege of attending David and Denis Phelps wedding in Tobermory.

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