North Huron Council & Staff Declares War On Local Restaurant - Attempts Shutdown Of Buck & Jo’s - Town Staff Barred Until After Liberation Day 21Feb2019

Source: WFP
Date: Thu Jan 24 05:59:18 MST 2019

Several weeks ago someone claiming to be a North Huron employee told the owners of Buck & Jo’s they needed to stop serving breakfast or face being shut down. This is amidst numerous complaints that their breakfast special was priced too low for anyone to compete. The NH employee stated that bacon was a hazardous material along with breakfast sausage. Despite the absurdity of these claims the owners got a second, third and forth opinion, all of which believed this was clearly a hoax perpetrated on Buck & Jo’s or an utterly incompetent employee of North Huron.

Several months ago the heads of Public Works attended Buck & Jo’s regarding damage North Huron has caused to the building, and is continuing to cause. DF Mcghee (Dog F**ker Mcghee) claimed he was going to look into it, and never followed up.

DF McGhee has taken to directing Town Staff to “double snow” the owner’s residence. This entails moving all street snow to the center of the road, then driving around the block and pushing all the snow to the side of the street their victim lives on, "double snowing" the victim in. It’s a lot of extra work, but they seem to find it funny as hell.

DF McGhee and his crew also have purposely blocked the accessible entrance and garages doors at Buck & Jo’s by aiming the snowblower shoot at the doors. Today the blower wasn’t out, so they decided to dump snow boulders in front of the door instead, just a reminder the bullies are still in charge.

North Huron council contact info:
Bernie Bailey: 519) 357-8708

Trevor Seip: 519-357-7759

Paul Heffer: 519-357-3594

Anita Van Hittersum: 519-523-4492

Chris Palmer: 519-357-3385

Kevin Falconer: 519-955-0301

Ric McBurney: 519-441-7415

Blyth Bill

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