North Huron Demands Buck & Jo’s Shut Down & Lawyer Up - All Area Church/Community Kitchens Next On List

Source: WFP
Date: Thu Mar 14 03:02:32 MST 2019

13Mar2019 an employee of North Huron barged into the kitchen at Buck & Jo’s with soiled footwear and no hat or hairnet. Don’t worry the kitchen was sanitized after he was asked to leave. The town staffer declared that a commercial fire suppression system & hood needed to be installed or be shut down, which would cost about $15,000. This would more than likely close the new business.

The town staffer claims that the 2 liter household safety deep fryer is “commercial equipment” and therefore needs a commercial hood and fire suppression system. He suggested we start paying a lawyer immediately. He claimed to have 26 years experience and that his interpretation of “commercial equipment” is correct. Even an electric countertop griddle to cook pancakes, or a household range needs a commercial hood and fire suppression system according to him. Apparently they are 100% safe at home but not at a coffee shop or church.

According to the town staffer, equipment only turns into “commercial equipment” when you accept money for the food you cooked with it. Apparently one solution is to give food away, then the equipment is no longer “commercial equipment”. So if you install a massive gas powered deep fryer and gave away free fries, it isn’t “commercial equipment” and you wouldn’t need a commercial hood and fire suppression system. If that seems ridiculous then maybe his interpretation of “commercial equipment” is wrong and “commercial equipment” actually means “commercial equipment” in the fire and building codes.

Blyth Bill

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