Josephine St Is Sinking - Public Works Director Sean McGhee Asked To Resign For Failure To Protect Millions In Infrastructure - Time For King Bailey To Put On Big Boy Pants

Source: WFP
Date: Sun Apr 7 04:04:11 MST 2019

If anyone has doubts or wants confirmation of the alleged neglect below, please attend 235 Josephine St 9AM 08April. Photos will be released later Monday.

2011-12 North Huron council spent millions “fixing” Josephine St. Since that time it is apparent the Public Works department has not done any inspections or maintenance to protect that multi-million dollar investment. This abject failure is not only the fault of the head of Public Works, but the fault of past North Huron councils not fulfilling their roles as prescribed by the Municipal Act.

A portion of Josephine St is sinking at an alarming rate due to Town Staff’s neglect or incompetence. Either way, North Huron is liable for all damage caused by that neglect of duty. The head of Public Works was made aware 6 months ago about this neglect and the water infiltration to private property. Once officially reported it was the duty of Public Works to act immediately take all possible steps to address this issue. Water infiltration is not an optional repair, or a repair that can wait. This issue was caused by the “Big Dig” an persists to this day.

The refusal of the current head of Public Works to inspect maintain our infrastructure is clear grounds for council to replace him.

It seems the only way forward is for Sean McGhee to offer his much overdue resignation.

Council, Press & Public are welcome 9am 08April2019 @ 235 Josephine St Wingham. There are ample photo opportunities and discussion regarding infrastructure.

It’s time for Reeve Bailey to step up to the plate and protect our infrastructure and hold senior staff to account as prescribed by section 224 of the Municipal Act. If Bailey continues to blindly side with town staff for political reasons, he too should offer his immediate resignation. If he continues to refuse to uphold the Municipal Act, then he is a criminal in the eyes of many.

North Huron council contact info:
Bernie Bailey: 519) 357-8708

Trevor Seip: 519-357-7759

Paul Heffer: 519-357-3594

Anita Van Hittersum: 519-523-4492

Chris Palmer: 519-357-3385

Kevin Falconer: 519-955-0301

Ric McBurney: 519-441-7415

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