Furor Over Mandatory Masks - Buck & Joís Responds To Whiners & Trumpers

Source: WFP
Date: Tue Jul 14 14:35:32 MST 2020

There have been numerous comments and messages online in opposition to wearing masks at a Wingham restaurant. Below is a response to all those comments, as no more time will be wasted on this issue.
This is not a debate or request for input. You will be denied service at Buck & Joís if you donít wear a mask. We don't care what you heard on the radio. Itís our building, our business, our friends, our customers, our health, our lives and therefore our rules.

Years of smoking tobacco causing yourself breathing problems does not give you the Right to be exempt from our mask policy. Decades of spewing second hand smoke on innocent people does not now give you the Right to breathe/sneeze/cough on more innocent people. Besides, we are all wearing masks so people with breathing issues and other vulnerable people donít get the Vid and wake-up dead.

Customers only have to wear a mask for a few minutes while ordering or picking up their orders. Staff have to wear them all day. Next time you need to selfishly whine to some front liner about wearing a mask for a minute or two, remember you are likely complaining to someone that has been stuck in a mask for hours upon hours for your Communityís protection.

To be clear, you will be denied service at Buck & Joís if you donít wear a mask.


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