Riot Squad & Mass Arrests @ Wingham Town Hall - "it's not just lyrics in an anthem, it's an oath" #StandOnGaurdForThee #WinghamWakening

Source: WFP
Date: Thu Aug 20 17:39:35 MST 2020

“If the Army can’t be called in, get the OPP riot squad, tear gas, tasers, clubs or guns. It ends now. I run the show here, and the world needs to know I'm in charge. I don’t take to threats.”

There is a 100% chance of arrests and/or the police attending the Tuesday 6pm, 08Sept North Huron council meeting. Fury online across numerous sites has resulted in censorship, videos going viral, and pledges to defend our Constitution.

“Stand on guard for thee means something, it’s not just lyrics in our anthem, it’s an oath. I can’t fight in forieng wars but I can help stand against tyranny. See you at the meeting”.

“They can’t do anything else to me. They have robbed me, stripped me of my rights and dignity. It’s their turn now”.

“Kevin Falconer’s physical assault of a citizen should end in jail time”.

“Fascist Falconer is a fitting moniker for the asshole that shat on our constitutional rights”.

“We have nothing left. Bernie Bailey has destroyed our community like he did SunRise Dairy. He needs to burn in hell”.

Corruption, abuse, and your past fear of authority has led to fascism taking hold in Wingham (The Square Mile). Double tax, threats of reprisals, physical and verbal attacks on Citizens are clear indications The Square Mile has fallen to fascism. Once it has a firmer foothold it will spread throughout Ontario, then Canada.

Next council meeting is 08Sept2020. Will you honor your oath? #StandOnGuardForThee

Blyth Bill

Hero Bernie Bailey Stands Up To Free Press - Morally/Intellectually Stunted NH Councillors Educated By Honorable Reeve Bernie Bailey #Schiestels4Bailey&SelfBlowies
Town Hall Overflows With Bailey Supporters - Public Unanimously Demands Current Municipal Council Term To Be Extended To 2028 #StopFakeNews
Reeve Bernie Bailey To Resign Monday Night Unless You Stop Him - Your Immediate Support To Save North Huron Is Required #StopFakeNews
North Huron A World Leader In Flood Management - Floodplains Proven True Cause Of Flooding

Area OPP

Fatal Collision Update - Deceased Identified
Update: Terri HARNOCK Located
$20,000 UTV Stolen
BOLO Stolen SUV Plate: BNBB 926
Criminal Targets Roads Side Stands In Meaford
Sexual Assault On Child - David RATCLIFFE
Blyth Resident Terri HARNOCK Being Sought By Police
Fatal Collision
Sexual Assault - George Patrick MCPOLIN
20 Year Old From Mildmay Facing Sexual Assault Charge - CORBET
Adewale "Daniel" OLATUNJI - Sexual Assault
Marijuana Theft - Ricky EDWARDS, Carl Thomas BURSEY & Jessica Lee WILBEE
Jonathan AGUIRRE - Drunk Driving
Break And Enter To Seaforth Business
19 Year Old Drinking Driver Rolls Vehicle
Goderich Road Rage Ends With Arrest Of Joseph TREBISH
Drunk Driver Arrested In Mildmay - YANTHA
Cocaine Bust - Robert HACKETT
Fatal Collision - Name Of Deceased Released
Collision Near Vanastra - Serious Injuries
Passed Out Driver Facing Impaired Driving Charge - Tyler James HOBAN
Gerald BROUWER - Impaired Driving, Dangerous Driving
Fatal Collision Update - Deceased Identified
Fatal Collision Near Brussels

Huron County

County of Huron Recovery Team remains committed to helping local businesses
Staff member at Huronview Home for the Aged confirmed positive for COVID-19

North Huron

Wingham Police Service