SS Coming For NH Residents – Prepare To Be Inspected: Property Tax Banner Illegal According To Corrupted CAO

Source: WFP
Date: Sat Jun 8 04:16:28 MST 2024

(Wingham, ON) A 4×8 banner comparing property tax rates has once again become a roadblock in downtown Wingham, causing a commotion among citizens. Shocked by the exorbitant tax rates in Wingham, residents are stopping to take photos, unable to believe the stark reality.

The current North Huron CAO (Dwayne Evans) has demanded the banner’s removal, threatening trespass and theft if his orders are not followed. However, by-law enforcement officers are refusing to comply with these demands, aware that they would be held legally liable for any rights violations.

Council is divided on whether or not they should respect the law and private property Rights. North Huron Reeve Paul Heffer (puppet paul) has declared property rights are null and void and will not be respected, despite the CAO’s admission their by-laws only apply to their corporations assets.

North Huron is going to replace the current by-law enforcers with a private firm that will allegedly “just follow orders” and enforce NH’s by-laws on private property claiming they are responsible for “social standards”.

North Huron Council Contact Info:
Paul Heffer
280 Manor Road
(519) 357-3594
Mitch Wright
63 Bristol Terrace
(519) 357-9497
Lonnie Whitfield
94 John St. West
(226) 222-2585
Anita van Hittersum
84012 Hoover Line
(519) 523-4492
Chris Palmer
39331 Belfast Road
(519) 357-3385
Kevin Fascist Falconer
303 King Street
(519) 955-0301
Ric McBurney
202 Thuell St, Blyth
(519) 441-7415

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